White Owl

Winter Court Fae


Weathered, old, Native American woman who acts as caretaker at Pepsi Center. She seems gentle, and grandmotherly but when upset reveals murderous tendencies. She is actually White Owl, a Fae and representative of the Winter Court. She likes riddles.


Opposing force to Thunderbird

Also known as: Nankubaccin
The winter bird, the symbol of winter and bringer of snow. Thunderbird, who was the symbol of summer for the Arapaho, challenged White Owl Woman to a contest to determine whose powers were greater. Thunderbird created towering black clouds accompanied by loud thunder and high wind. White Owl Woman countered Thunderbird’s clouds with thick, white clouds that built up snow in high drifts. The black clouds were completely overcome, and White Owl Woman was shown to be the more powerful figure.

White Owl

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